The history of the Imperial Iranian Havercraft Squadron back to 1968. On 29th July 1968 HIH Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi of Iran paid an official visit to East Cowes

to inaugurate the Imperial Iranian Navy hovercraft squadron. She was taken in IIN 02 for a trial run.

Iran's hovercraft, which function primarily for amphibious assault and logistics support, represent the largest fleet of such vessels in the world.

They give the navy unique maneuverability around the shallow shores of the Persian Gulf and were used successfully in the 1971 occupation of Abu Musa and the Tunbs islands.

It was the first operational military use of these crafts in the world.

The Imperial Iranian Navy had the largest havercraft squadron in the world. The Havercraft squadron is based at Kharg Island.


UK-built, by: British Hovercraft Corporation.

Some Mk5 crafts are fitted with Sea-Killer surface to surface missiles. This craft embark troops and vehicles or normal support cargoes.

Number Name Year Notes
101 - Nov 1970 BH.7 Mk4 - Logistic Support
102 - Mar 1971 BH.7 Mk4 - Logistic Support
103 - mid-1974 BH.7 Mk5 - Combat
104 - mid-1974 BH.7 Mk5 - Logistic Support
105 - late 1974 BH.7 Mk5 - Logistic Support
106 - early 1975 BH.7 Mk5 - Combat
  • Displacement: 50 tons full load
  • Dimensions: 23.2 x 13.7 x12.8 meters
  • Main machinery: 1 proteus 15M/541 gas turbine
  • Speed, knots: 60, 30 in Seastate 5 or more
  • Guns: 2 Browning 12.7 mm MGs.

Iranian BH.7 Photo Gallery:



UK-built, by: British Hovercraft Corporation.

Ordered (1970-72) by the Imperial Iranian Navy, and based at Kharg Island.

The SR.N6s incorporate many features, including a roof gun position, strengthened side-decks,

externally-mounted life rafts, long range tanks, radar and other navigational aids. Can carry 6 tons of cargo.

This Hovercraft has supplied to IINavy in 2 models:

Mk.3 as fast attack craft and Mk.4 as logistic support variant.

Number Name Year Notes
01 - 1973 Launched May 1968
02 - 1973 Launched June 1968
03 - 1973  
04 - 1973  
05 - 1973  
06 - 1973  
07 - 1973  
08 - 1973  
  • Displacement: 10 tons full load
  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 7.7 x 4.8 meters
  • Main machinery: 1 Gnome Model 1050 gas turbine, 1 Peters diesel as auxiliary power unit
  • Speed, knots: 58
  • Guns: 1 or 2 - 12.7 mm MGs.

Iranian SR.N6 Photo Gallery:



- IINavy Hovercrafts (In Hovercraft

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